5 Great Youtube Videos for Learning Languages

It’s now easier than ever to learn a language, thanks to the Internet and it’s wonderful resources. It’s no secret that the internet is home to this amazing wealth of knowledge, unfortunately, with all of that knowledge it’s also home to an incredible amount of misinformation.

It’s easy to get caught in that misinformation – here’s 5 great videos to help you weed out the misinformation.

5. Learn French in 5 Days!

There are many videos just like this one, here. These are virtual French lessons, much like the course you would be taking if you were to enroll in a school.Videos like these are well-rounded, the creator of this video goes into detail on how to pronounce each verb but also explains why certain verb forms end in certain letters. The more thorough you can get, the better!

4. How to Talk about Vacation in English Language

Now, you may be thinking “I don’t need all the basics, I’m just going on vacation and want to be prepared.” In that case, there are many videos such as this one. They focus on the basics such as; “Where is the bathroom?” or “Do you have any recommendations?” In this particular video, she even goes as far as explaining why you choose certain words over others.

3. Learn Finnish — Pronouncing Å, Ä, Ö

While many languages share the same alphabet as the English language, there are occasionally extra letters or accent marks. These letters can be a pain when learning, especially while reading. Look no further than a quick five minute Youtube video to help you master your pronunciation of these letters and accents.

2. How Similar Are Mandarin and Cantonese?

It’s incredibly important to be mindful of the various dialects that are found in language. Videos such as this one help you differentiate between languages that are very close. Similar videos can be found for French and Creole, Spanish and Portuguese and so many more.

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