How Far Does YouTube Learning Really Go?

It really feels as though you can find the answer to any question, any quick fix or even math, language, and history lessons on YouTube. In this modern age of education and accessible in over 91 countries, YouTube is a powerhouse of educational resource.

In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds will watch Youtube, according to Google. If you’re one of those eight, have you considered picking something new up? Perhaps it’s time for you to finally get around to learning Spanish.

There are plenty of paid options — apps, games, courses, etc. or maybe you thrive in the traditional classroom experience. YouTube on the other hand is absolutely free (provided you can bare a few random ads) and has a wealth of information on almost any topic under the sun! It’s great for short lessons and Do It Yourself (DIY) topics that do not need a pedagogical sequence to create an effective narrative and help the learner grasps the nuances of learning a language for example.

And what if that’s exactly what you are looking for? A pedagogical sequence of videos, that are arranged to form an effective narrative for you to learn a new language? Is the answer? is a crowdsourced language learning video platform developed by, an eLearning company headquartered in Cupertino, CA, that loves creating online learning lifestyle solutions that help people build happier, more fulfilled lives.

With you can learn languages for free through pedagogically organized video lessons from the world’s best online language teachers and learning content creators. No more spending hours on YouTube searching for videos! Simply choose the language you want to learn and start learning.

By learning languages on, you help support adult literacy globally through’s mission to help less-fortunate people across the globe to improve their circumstances and environment through education.

If you are on YouTube for learning languages, then can be very useful. You will quickly find video lessons that are relevant to your level unlike on YouTube where learners spend more time searching and less time learning.