Pros and Cons of Learning Languages on Youtube

Youtube is at the forefront of educational world, whether it be professors assigning their students to watching a Ted Talk or a three year old watching Sesame Street – Youtube has both it’s benefits and it’s not-so-great aspects.


It’s easy!

Youtube is an amazing resource with virtually an unlimited amount of options for finding whatever information you’re looking for.


So easy to get distracted!

It’s so incredibly easy to get distracted by the videos in the queue on the side of the video. If you’re not 100% committed, those movie trailers and music videos can be very tempting. When doing a lesson, try to go full screen if possible to avoid getting distracted.


It’s free!

There are thousands, if not more, videos covering every aspect of language. Even the hardest languages, like Estonian, have free basic videos.


It’s free…

While there are some amazing videos out there, it’s hard to provide an extremely high quality language course for free in a pedagogical sequence. You simply miss out on things, such as grammar, conversations, etc.


You can do it whenever, wherever!

If you don’t have the time to exactly attend a class at your local university or feel as though you’re too old – don’t let that stop you from learning what you want to learn. Youtube allows you to learn the basics before you sign up for a commitment like a college course.


Easy to Lose Track or Steam

Unfortunately when learning on Youtube, it’s so easy to just give up. Since there’s no money involved learning a language or any new skill on Youtube will require discipline and organization. You miss out on a professor testing your skills and helping you figure out what’s wrong and what you’re doing well.

While Youtube is an amazing resource, it does have it’s disadvantages. Make sure you’re checking in on yourself and how you’re doing. Check out after a few youtube lessons to see where you are!

What do you think are the advantages or disadvantages? Let us know in the comments below!